GP Tuition Bishan – Testimonials

At, we are proud of our students for their achievements in A Level General Paper examination for the past years. We are pleased that our GP Tuition at Bishan have been effective in helping the JC1 and JC2 GP students improve and excel. We thank them for their acknowledgements of our A Level GP Tutors for the efforts and development that we have put in for our GP Tuition Bishan centre. Join us and be part of this rewarding and educational experience, where consistent academic support is provided and ensured. Call GP Tutor Simon Ng at 96890510 for more information on GP Tuition Bishan.

Hear from our students who have joined GP Tuition Bishan

At GP Tuition Bishan, GP tutor Simon Ng would like to thank our students who have excelled in their GCE A Level General Paper examination. We have worked hard together to achieve success and make and the GP tuition Bishan branch fulfil our mission to help students score for their GCE A Level examination for General Paper.

Hear what our students have said about GP tutor Simon Ng, who conducts GP tuition at Bishan, has helped students to be more confident and proficient in their writing and thinking. We are glad that they have improved their grades and advanced to tertiary studies in renowned local and overseas universities. Call GP tutor Simon Ng at 96890510 and be part of our future academic success.

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Brandon Hoe

At the start, I was unsure how to prepare for A Level General Paper. I felt that the concepts were difficult to grasp and there were many diagrams to remember. Fortunately, after joining GP Tuition at GP Tuition Bishan, I was more confident in preparing for general paper, my GP Tutor Mr Simon Ng‘s GP Tuition classes were well-structured and he provided many useful exam-friendly notes. I was given many opportunities to practise my JC GP Essays and soon, I noticed my writing has improved. I could finish my essays on time. I am grateful for Simon’s advice. He was not only effective in making abstract concepts simple to understand, but had also helped me improve my time management skills. Indeed his GP Tuition at Bishan was the cause for me to score in A Level General Paper. Thank you, GP Tutor Simon Ng!

Brandon HoeAnglo-Chinese Junior College, 2012 Examination
Chew Xing Kai

Due to my poor command of language, my GP grades were atrocious; I received S for my first common test and E on the next. For Economics, the grade was decent, but I was still unable to consistently achieve even a B grade on my tests and exams. GP Tuition Bishan has helped me by providing a clear structure for writing essays and answering questions for comprehension in A Level General Paper examination. The GP notes for both subjects were also very exam-oriented and resourceful and outshone the notes provided by my school. My GP Tutor Simon Ng has been an amazing mentor. He did not hesitate to arrange extra GP Tuition at Bishan classes to teach us techniques to tackle all sorts of questions and often taught us things that were out of syllabus but useful for us to display our knowledge to the examiners. Simon was also really concerned for his students and called each of us up before our exams to resolve any last minute problems. Thanks to GP Tuition Bishan, I achieved B in A Level General Paper examination.

Chew Xing KaiRaffles Institution, 4 Distinctions in 2013 Examination
See Kok Hong

I was quite weak when I enrolled for GP Tuition with GP Tuition Bukit Timah but GP tutor Simon Ng has given me many ideas and studying tips on how I should prepare for my studies for A Level General Paper. In my two years of studies in Innova Junior College, he has made my studies for General paper easier and productive. His lessons are clear in explanation and practices are extensive and useful for examination. The GP Notes given by my GP Tutor Simon Ng are extensive and very useful in preparing for the A Level GP examination. I am also very grateful for his advice which has motivated me to overcome the difficulties in the two years of my studies and spurred me for further development. Thank you, GP Tutor Simon Ng for your teaching and guidance.

See Kok HongInnova Junior College, has attained 4 Distinction in 2012 examination
Lee Ming Jun

Initially, I was unsure how to study for General Paper. There was so much to remember and I faced difficulties grasping the concepts. Once I started attending Simon’s GP Tuition classes at GP Tuition Bishan, I was better equipped with the essential knowledge and skills to apply in the A Level GP examination. His GP Tuition at Bishan classes were helpful as his exam-friendly GP Notes and JC GP Essays practice questions streamlined my GP Intensive Revision process, such that I no longer had to worry about spending too much time on a single subject. Furthermore, GP Tutor Simon Ng‘s explanation was easy to understand and the provision of real life examples supplemented my understanding in various Economics concepts. I am thankful for Simon’s constant reminder to study smart, which enabled me to score a B at the 2013 A Levels General Paper Examination. Thank you, gp tutor Simon Ng!

Lee Ming JunAnderson Junior College, 2013 Examination
Daniel Lim Si Yuan

My GP Tutor Simon Ng has provided me a very structured and systematic learning experience in his GP Tuition at Bishan, enabling me to excel in my A level General Paper examination. His GP Tuition at Bishan lessons are interesting with ample examples to make the study of General Paper a meaningful and less frictional experience. There are GP Notes and JC GP Essays to make me more prepared for the A Level GP examination. The GP Tuition at Bishan provided by GP Tutor Simon Ng has been a rewarding and fruitful experience.

Daniel Lim Si YuanRaffles Institution