JC History Tuition

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Do you have what it takes to handle the rigours of the A Level History examinations? Join our JC History Tuition to be prepared for the JC1 Promotional and JC2 Preliminary Examinations. Our Term 3 10-lessons structure will condense the areas of study for you to focus your efforts on the study of key aspects, like perspective setting, contextual knowledge referencing and outline setting. Learn how to analyse unseen written and visual texts for SBQs and apply your content knowledge to essay questions.

In addition, students who join our JC History Tuition programme can attend our FREE Writing Workshops for essay and SBQ to review their answering methods and improve the precision of writing. Through our comprehensive learning curriculum, you will develop the confidence and proficiency to ace the A Level History examinations.

JC2 History Tuition
Prelim Revision

Be prepared for the J2 Preliminary Examinations with our Term 3 Revision programme. On top of re-visiting J1 topics, like Political Stability, National Unity and Cold War, you will learn to integrate your knowledge of J2 topics to answer tougher questions. Our 10-lessons structure will organise your study more productively and prepare you for the demands of the school assessments.

JC1 History Tuition
Promo Preparation

Be ready for the challenges of the J1 Promotional Examinations by attending our Term 3 Revision lessons. We cover the fundamental areas of study for Year 1 topics, like Political Stability, National Unity and Cold War, via the review of essay questions. Apply your knowledge through class practices and discussions to assess your progress of learning effectively.