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What is the JC Achievers Club?

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We welcome you to join our inclusive study club. It was formed as a centralised platform for JC students and tutors to interact and learn meaningfully. The Club offers a range of learning tools and resources to support your study efforts.

How we will prepare you for grade A?

An organised method of learning.

At GP Tuition Bishan, we have gathered feedback from former JC students who shared their concerns about the learning experience. These concerns include time management and the writing structure for examination. Therefore, JC Achievers Club offers the perfect solution to assist you in your endeavours.

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What you will learn at JC Achievers Club?

Our teaching methodology.

The Club offers GP Tuition programmes that cover four main features - thematic review, study resources, interactive discussion and class practices. With these learning tools, we empower you to fulfil your study goals and attain grade A for GCE A Level General Paper.

Thematic Review

Explore different real world issues during our thematic classes. These lessons are either done virtually or physically. Be informed on key matters, such as the prevalence and threats of falsehoods and the reliance on technology.

Learning Resources

Streamline your study approach by using our learning resources, like thematic notes, essay outlines and comprehension references. Our tutors have improved these notes over time to keep you informed on vital areas of study.

Interactive Discussion

Take part in purposeful discussions that cover diverse GP matters to improve your thinking skills. These discussions will be facilitated by the GP Tutor virtually or physically. Learn how to apply the points to essay writing and AQ.

Class Practices

At the end of each lesson, we provide ample time for you to attempt class practices and review your writing proficiency. These practices are marked by our GP Tutor to highlight the areas of improvement.

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