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What is GP Tuition Online?

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In contrast with conventional lessons held in physical classrooms, we have launched our GP Tuition Online programme, which is carried out virtually. We believe that eLearning is an effective way for JC students to consolidate their knowledge effectively.

How will you learn?

Our key features.

Students of GP Tuition Bishan will benefit from our well-structured online learning programme. You can utilise our carefully-crafted resources and engage in thought-provoking discussions in the virtual classroom. Learning General Paper should be an enjoyable experience.

Structured Study Programme

Organise your learning by enrolling in our GP Tuition Online programme. We have Study Guides to identify the vital areas of learning and hold class activities to improve your level of proficiency progressively.

Accessible Learning Resources

One important aspect of online learning is the accessibility of information. As such, you can enter the virtual classroom to browse different learning resources, such as thematic videos and practices for self-review.

Skills-oriented Activities

Our online classes are conducted with a clear intent to hone your thinking and writing skills. For Comprehension, you will learn to read and answer different question types. For essays, you will develop sound writing structures.

Interactive Experience

Although the lessons are held online, our live-streamed classes will have a similar experience as the conventional forms. Interact with the GP Tutor as you explore different GP issues to broaden your knowledge.

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