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This month, we shall be looking into the history and the importance of Education on many levels; Individual, Social, Political and Economic. These blog articles are for you to familiarise with, and set you poised for the topic on Education. By raising the quality and quantity of your general knowledge, we hope these blog articles allow you to form convincing arguments in your GP Essay and ace the GCE GP A level examinations! Scroll down and learn about the importance of Education at the individual level!

Individual Perspective

In any part of the world, education is dealt with the highest importance after military defence. In Singapore, 17% of the government’s total expenditure is directed towards education. A very clear example would be the SkillsFuture movement introduced in Budget 2015. It is important to note that education does not refer to mere book studying within the four walls of the classroom, but also the acquisition of skills, values and beliefs. Thus, education does not stop after one graduates from school; it is a lifelong process and a pivotal factor to an individual’s development.

To have an enriching life

We feel bored when we keep doing the same monotonous things over and over again, but we feel excited and curious when we get to do new things. This is called the joy of learning. New topics and events interest us because we get to learn and fill our brains with knowledge and enjoy new experiences. Education hence enriches a person’s life because it improves and enhances our view of things. We get exposed to a spectrum of perspectives and most importantly, we learn what is crucial for survival. According to a study, infant mortality rates decrease significantly for women who have had education at the primary school level, and even more so if they have completed secondary school. It is estimated that the infant mortality decreases by 9% for every year of education attained. When men and women are equipped with the knowledge on health issues, the cycle of poverty as well as mortality rate reduces.

Furthermore, education keeps a person’s mind healthy and active. Though it has no scientific basis, health experts believe that those who had higher levels of learning such as those who have a university and postgraduate education are least likely to suffer from Alzheimer’s or dementia.

To live an empowered life

Literacy refers to the ability of a person aged eight and above to read and write simple sentences. To be empowered is to be given the authority and power, and hence become stronger and more confident in controlling one’s life. Without education, one may not be able to understand their rights fully. Hence, lacking basic reading and writing skills is a great disadvantage; it not only enriches an individual’s life but also creates opportunities for people to develop useful skills for them to provide for themselves and their families.

Education allows people to acquire skills that may deem them important to the society, where they can contribute their efforts to improving the country, gain the responsibility to do more things in life and hence find employment opportunities. Furthermore, education matures a person’s mind when they learn to view matters from different perspectives and be able to consider advantages and disadvantages.

GP Essay on Individual Perspective – Why must a person receive education?

This article is the 2nd segment of a 5-part series covering Education. To ensure seamless reading, you may wish to start from the first segment of ‘How is Education important?’.

Information remains as information until there is education to convert them into useful knowledge. In many countries today, education is dealt with the utmost importance because it has the potential to improve a person’s status. Education allows one to live an enriching and empowered life. Only with educated citizens can countries then can grow economically and prosper. Read on to find out why it is important for a person to receive education.

In Singapore, our education system promotes the idea of lifelong learning. When citizens enjoy longevity or longer lifespan due to the advancement of healthcare, education helps individuals live enriching lives. Education enhances people’s view of things by exposing them to a spectrum of perspectives and allows us to gain new experiences. Besides, education prepares people for survival. By keeping their mind active and hungry for more knowledge, people are less likely to fall victim to diseases such as Alzheimer’s or dementia due to old age.

Furthermore, education gives people the power to make choices and stand for their rights in life. Since education feeds people with the knowledge of many different matters, educated people can be given the responsibility to make sound decisions as they are able to consider the advantages and disadvantages. Besides, people are able to understand their individual rights clearly. Specifically, the global illiterate population of young girls is 61.9 percent so the importance of education for women cannot be understated. In the developing world, it is important that women receive education and improve their self-esteem. By enabling them to become economically productive and independent, they can become empowered, take control of their lives and contribute to the society.

How else can Education be important?

Aside from its importance at the individual level, education also plays a crucial part at the social, political and economic level. Read on to find out more about how education is important.

Social Impacts: Affect the way we interact

Education is important in the society as it helps to establish basic guidelines for citizens to decipher right from wrong. Furthermore, education helps to keep the country harmonious and cohesive by conserving cultural values and their heritage.

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Political Impacts: Affect the way we govern

Education gives people the opportunity to lay out their opinions and ideas of what is best for them and their country instead of following what is the norm blindly. By fostering a sense of importance to the country, this would cultivate a national identity in citizens that is critical for nation-building.

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Economic Impacts: Affect the way we work

As aforementioned, education refers not only to the knowledge gained within the four walls of the classroom but also useful skills developed. When people gain skills relevant in the industry, they are better prepared for the workforce, employment increases which will be beneficial to the country’s economic growth.

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GP Issue for Discussion

While Education has its benefits of enriching and empowering, it is also imperative to examine the detrimental impacts of Education. Tell us why Education can be harmful to the individual.

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