Enrich your learning with our GP tuition classes

Join our GP tuition programme and learn how to write GP essays and answer GP comprehension questions effectively. The study of A Level General Paper examination involves regular and intensive revision of issues at multiple perspectives. Under the guidance of our prolific GP tutors, students will develop the skills and broaden their knowledge to handle the demands of the examination. Through class practices, students will develop the familiarity towards the different questions and apply the relevant skills to score at the A Level GP examination.

What we teach in our GP tuition programme

The classes are sectioned into two parts, namely regular GP tuition and intensive revision GP tuition programme. The purpose of these two differentiated tuition programmes is to provide adequate and in-depth focus on the broadening of knowledge and cultivation of GP exam skills respectively. The classes are organized and conducted by experienced tutors, who will aid students in their academic endeavours as they seek to master the necessary thinking and writing skills.

Broaden your knowledge and gain diverse perspectives during our regular GP tuition

For the regular GP tuition programme, which is conducted on a weekly basis, students will participate in issue-based discussion. GP tutors will explore various topics together with students, covering issues like culture, education, social media, science and technology, and youths. By separating the discussion into individual issues, students can examine the contributing factors, impact analysis and policy evaluation to obtain a more comprehensive coverage for their revision.

Then, students will learn how to integrate knowledge from various issues to answer GP essay and comprehension questions. This is attributed to the recent exam trend, whereby questions are no longer based on individual topics. Given this understanding, students will develop greater awareness towards the latest exam trends and pick up the necessary skills to handle these developments.

Undergo exam preparation with our intensive revision GP tuition

During the school holidays, students will focus on the development of GP essay writing and comprehension answering techniques to prepare for the upcoming examination. As students have relatively more time during the school holidays, the GP tuition intensive revision programme will facilitate the cultivation of exam skills, like point elaboration, causation writing, paragraph development, rebuttal, and opinionated conclusion. Furthermore, the GP tutors will assess the competency level of students by examining their GP essays and comprehension answers. Then, tutors will review the answers and provide feedback on the areas of improvement. Hence, the intensive revision programme will a fruitful experience for students during their critical study phase, whilst in preparation for the A Level GP examination.

Why join our GP tuition programme?

There are many benefits of joining our GP tuition programme. The distinctive factor is that our classes are exam-oriented. Students will be taught how to answer the GP essays and comprehension questions effectively. The GP tutors utilize an instructional approach to guide students through the various aspects of the examination, such as the short answer question, summary and AQ for the GP comprehension. Furthermore, the GP tuition teaching curriculum is refined on a regular basis to ensure that students are aware of the latest exam trends and acquire the necessary skills to deal with these newfound study-related challenges.

Undergo knowledge enrichment

One reason is that students will undergo knowledge enrichment during the GP tuition programme by examining different issues, like environmental problems, economic issues, culture, and science and technology. The GP tutors will provide an in-depth analysis of the various matters on a thematic basis to ensure that students receive a comprehensive coverage of content. Students will identify the key terms relating to the context of the issue, pick out the main factors and the positive and negative implications of certain issues relating to the theme. Hence, with this broadened knowledge, students can relate to the passages in the GP comprehension as well as the abstract-sounding GP essay questions. This ensures that students can find points to answer the exam questions effectively.

Think more. Write more.

Another critical factor is that our GP tuition classes place utmost emphasis on question practice. The GP tutors advocate regular practice of questions as students do not have the ability to recognize the different question types and utilize the required skills to answer the questions. As such, students may be stumped by certain questions in the GP comprehension segment, resulting in the loss of precious time.

Therefore, our GP tuition programme features class practices to hone the necessary thinking and writing skills. For example, students will learn how to develop the skills of causation by writing a short paragraph for a sample GP essay question. Then, tutors will review the answers of the students and explain the optimal approach to express the ideas concisely and clearly. In general, it is strongly encouraged for students to spend more time on question practice as compared to the revision of GP topics.

Clear Explanation and Evaluation

The GP tuition programme features skills development, seen in terms of refining the ability to provide clear explanation and evaluation of points. Students will learn how to express their ideas in an organized way. The GP tutors will adopt a progressive learning model to guide students through the basic steps before moving onto the more advanced writing structure.

As the A Level GP examination has limited time for students to complete the questions, it is imperative for students to hone their explanation skills during the preparation phase. For the skills of point evaluation, students will learn how to synergize their knowledge of various topics to provide more in-depth and nuanced views to raise the quality of answers.

Our GP tuition classes are exam-oriented

Students will learn how to read the educational materials and accumulate knowledge with the purpose of excelling at the A Level GP examination. The GP tutors will conduct a wide range of class activities, like trend reading, time trials and skills-based orientation. The tutors have been consistent in their efforts to undertake material preparation to ensure that students have access to the optimal set of educational resources that will give them the competitive edge against their peers at schools. On hindsight, the integration of knowledge enrichment and skills development is achieved through thorough class practice. Tutors will provide GP essay or comprehension questions for students to assess their level of writing proficiency. Hence, students will eventually refine their skills and be prepared to score at the A Level GP examination.

JC GP Tuition in Bishan

Discover the essentials of effective GP essay writing and comprehension answering techniques.

Educational Tips on how to be a better GP student?

To do well for GCE A level examination for General Paper, there are a few essential aspect of development JC students need to develop. First, a good set of notes that is well-documented, organized and applicable must be created to aid in your systematic learning and preparation for examination. GP notes, sample essays and outlines must be created to ensure students have adequate knowledge to write essays and better understand comprehension. Study materials must be organized in an effective approach to help last minute preparation and knowledge enrichment.

Proper studying attitude is also imperative in the study of General Paper as the assessment of improvement is based on a qualitative approach which does not have a fixed answer but a debatable form of answers. Criticism is part of the learning process and it can be quite personal. Thus, JC students must have an open-mind towards learning, ready to accept criticism and make changes. It is also arduous process as the knowledge enrichment and skills development has no limit and students must be patience, determined and resilience in this learning journey.

Be receptive and adaptive in skills development as the learning on thinking, writing and answering demand JC students to change their habits and this is not an easy process. Old habits die hard. It takes great effort to be better and discipline to correct mistakes as thinking, writing and answering are habitual in their nature of tasks.

JC students must know of these frictions in their learning and ready to change for the better.

GP Notes

Students can enrol in our GP tuition to get a headstart in their preparation for the A Level General Paper examination. Our GP tutors will provide concise and exam-focused GP notes for students to develop a better understanding of Paper 1 and Paper 2 questions. Generally, the notes are organized to facilitate the revision of topics on a thematic basis. This means that students can examine the key topics that are widely discussed and tested in GP essay and comprehension questions. By organizing the GP notes into individual themes, such as Education and Culture, students can broaden their knowledge and expand the areas of discussion.

Themes for the GP Notes

For our GP tuition programme, GP tutors conduct issue-based discussion, which is supported with the thematic notes. It is important to note that it is not an exhaustive list as more themes will be added to provide a more comprehensive coverage of topics and issues. Within each theme, students will examine the issues in an organized way, namely key terms, factor identification, impact analysis and perspective evaluation. The applicability of the GP notes is seen in terms of the exam-oriented structure that enables students to utilize the key points for their GP essays and Application Question (AQ) in the comprehension section.


The study of Education is meaningful as every individual is expected to undergo this recurring process throughout their lives, especially in this fast-paced and technologically advanced world that require constant re-learning. The more discerning individuals may question the value and purpose of education, which is a valid concern, given the rise of automation that replaces the need for human efforts.

Science and Technology

For the younger and newer generations, many individuals embrace technology as they are agile and adaptable in handling new forms of technology in the digital or physical forms. As for the less adept, albeit more experienced, individuals, they are resistant to change, thus being labelled as Luddites of the modern society. In view of the two polarizing views, it is imperative for governments and organizations to prepare their societies for the incoming challenges that relate to technological advancements. On the other hand, while scientific discoveries bring about many benefits, controversies arise, such as ethical concerns of cloning.

Social Media

Throughout the human history, many modes of communication have emerged. Along the way, modifications and improvements led to greater convenience, seen in terms of the almost-instantaneous interaction and accessibility, regardless of the constraints of time and space. Social media is the product of mankind’s efforts to refine the communication process. As such, this newfound platform has revolutionized the way individuals interact with one another.


Marriage is one of the key topics that will become relevant in the modern society as individuals debate on the significance with respect to the influx of conflicting factors, such as the value of career-oriented pursuits and personal aspirations. Furthermore, alternative forms of marriage have emerged, giving rise to controversial discussions between the reserved and more liberal groups.


Culture is an important form of self-identification to a specific ethnicity. While some cultural practices have been preserved successfully, seen in terms of the annual conduct of festivities and household-level activities, globalization has contributed to the clash of cultures. As such, there are consequences, particularly cultural subversion. One notable issue is the elusive Americanization or Westernization that impacted other parts of the world, resulting in severe backlash.


Youths are the future backbone of all societies. Their idealistic dreams of achieving success at the personal level have impacted countries, seen in terms of the increased preference for risk-taking. Some believe in the use of unorthodox approaches to excel in life, thus explaining their unconventional routes along the way. Although the rebellious aspect of youths is frowned upon by the wise and experienced, we should acknowledge their willingness to try. Furthermore, youths of the present must learn to survive in a more competitive and challenging world.