GP Tuition Skills

GP Skills

Learn how to write effectively

Our GP Tuition includes the development of essay writing and comprehension answering skills through a variety of class activities such as tackling essay and comprehension questions.

GP Comprehension Skills

Comprehension answering skills like the ability to read effectively and making inferences from the passage is crucial in ensuring that you are well-prepared for the GCE A Level Examinations.

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Tackling short answer questions

Our GP tuition teaches our students essential reading techniques to raise their abilities to comprehend the passage and better answer the SAQs.

Writing a concise

Our GP tuition will enable you to pick out relevant ideas and do word substitution in order to attain more marks for the summary question.

Analysing an Application Question (AQ)

Our GP tuition will also raise your ability to apply arguments to the requirements of AQ with our simple but effective methods.

GP Essay Writing Skills

Students need essay writing skills in order to ace the GP paper with no fixed content of knowledge. Students have to ensure that they are logical and sensible in answering the essay question.

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Identifying question types

Learn how to identify the various question types like “To What Extent”, “Do You Agree” and so on. Also, we teach you to organise your points through the skills of categorization through discussions of sample questions.

Writing a persuasive essay

Before you can even get started on your essay, you need to have a plan in mind. A good outline setting is required to get you started, followed by paragraph development and the use of examples.

GP Tuition Intensive Revision

During the school holidays, exam preparation is key. Students can learn to identify their errors and weaknesses through our revision classes and be better equipped with GP skills to ace their examinations.

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Thematic content revision

Students will learn to explore and understand the various GP issues through an apps-based learning approach. We cover different topics, such as fake news, environmental degradation and the threats of social media.

Exam-focused class practices

In class, our GP tuition cover a broad range of practice questions based on past GCE A Level examination trends. Students will be more aware of the requirements and can prepare accordingly.

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