GP Comprehension Skills

GP Comprehension Skills

For the GP comprehension component, students can enrol in our GP tuition classes to develop the fundamental comprehension answering skills to maximise the marks that can be attained for this paper. GP tutors have prepared useful educational materials to help students to gain a better understanding of the examination requirements for this aspect. Examiners expect students to possess the ability to process information from unseen comprehension passage(s). Then, students must analyse the text and answer short questions.

The questions are classified into different types. One such question type requires the use of factual information extraction skills. The more challenging type of comprehension question requires students to apply inference skills. As for the later parts of the comprehension questions, there are two key questions that occupy more marks, namely the summary question and application question (AQ).

Optimise Exam Preparation Through The Cultivation of Effective GP Comprehension Answering Techniques

In view of the recent examination trends, students must refine their comprehension answering techniques to excel in the A Level General Paper examination. One such skills is word substitution, which is relevant for those questions that specify the provision of answers ‘in your own words’, which applies to the summary question. During the GP tuition programme, students will build up each skill via class practice sessions. Our GP tutors advocate a practice-oriented study approach as students lack consistent practice to develop the familiarity of questions. Furthermore, the inclusion of class practice in our GP tuition will be beneficial to students as the tutors assess them, in terms of their quality and phrasing of answers. Hence, our comprehension skills development programme will prepare JC students for the rigours of the A Level GP examination.

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