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Write Proficiently With Our GP Tuition Programme at was set up by leading JC tutor Mr Simon Ng, who provides top class GP tuition at Bishan for students undergoing their A level examinations. aims to inculcate in students a sensible mind that is better able to understand global and local issues from multi-varied perspectives as well as to cultivate deep analytical thinking skills. At the same time, the classes are conducted to aid students in the development of exam skills to excel in the A Level GP examination. This is done through exposing students to a wide range of questions and topics so that they are familiarised with types of answering techniques.

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Our GP tuition programme is structured in a progressive manner so that students will be able to optimize learning and learn at a comfortable pace. It also utilizes a wide number of learning tools to aid students in their learning journey. Our tuition prepares you for an A. See how we do that below.

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Comprehensive learning at a progressive pace

Students attending GP tuition at will receive close guidance and monitoring from experienced GP tutors throughout their GP tuition programme. GP tuition classes are tailored to fit the learning styles of each individual student so that they are able to learn at a progressive and comfortable pace. This allows for better retention of knowledge amongst the students. Students will be exposed to in depth coverage of content knowledge to develop a stronger conceptual comprehension of GP issues, like environment. On top of this, comprehension and essay writing skills will be imparted to students as well. The tutors will help them identify mistakes and provide feedback on ways to improve their answers for GP essays and comprehension questions constantly so that students will always be improving.

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E-Learning Programmes uses MobileLearners to supplement learning at all our tuition classes. MobileLearners is a provider of E-learning programmes designed to enrich and aid students in their learning journey. Given the tech savvy nature of our younger generation and the fact that the use of technology is becoming more prevalent today, we aim to capitalise on this trend. We have a comprehensive E-Learning programme that seeks to engage students through harnessing the latest technology and digital tools. Online videos and lectures; interactive E-books and publications; comprehensive notes, essays and resources; immersive mobile applications are just some of the many E-learning tools we have at our disposal. Such methods of learning has been proven to be more effective than traditional methods and is definitely much more convenient for students.

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Exam Oriented Revision

We also have extensive revision programmes during the school holiday period to help students recap on whatever they have learnt. Such revision classes also serve as an avenue for tutors to impart examination skills and last minute education tips to students taking their examinations. Such holiday periods are golden opportunities for students to correct their writing errors and refine their GP essay writing and comprehension answering techniques so that they can start the new term more confidently.

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Holistic Learning

Our tutors over at are committed to ensuring students embark on a holistic learning journey whenever they attend our classes. Our tutors are not only concerned about student’s grades but also on their well-being in general. On top of tuition programmes we also organise fun activities such as outings to help students unwind and relax. After all, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

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