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Economics Focus was established by prominent JC Economics Tutor Simon Ng and is the leading economics tuition centre in Singapore. Mr Simon Ng possesses 20 years of teaching experience and has taken numerous batches of JC Economics students through their A Level journey. Students who participate in the economics tuition programme will be taught by Mr Simon Ng himself, as they explore the issues of Microeconomics and Macroeconomics that are tested in the A Level Economics Examination.

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Why Join Economicsfocus?

Economics Focus has a range of notable features that will benefit students in their preparation for the A Level Economics Examination. These features are conceived by tutors and have been tried and tested throughout the years. They include regular weekly tuition, intensive revision programmes, and JC Economics essay writing skills. Students can tap on these features to improve their understanding of economics concepts and refine their answering techniques.

Regular Economics Tuition Programme

The Regular Tuition Programmes that Economics Focus offers will allow students to expand their knowledge of economics issues in the real-world context. Tutors will help students to analyse abstract economics terms and provide relatable examples to iron out any misconceptions that they may have. The classes are conducted using a progressive learning model to ease new students into the rigour of the study of economics, and to accelerate the learning of students once they get the hang of the requirements of the syllabus.

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Intensive Revision Classes

Economics Focus offers the most comprehensive intensive revision classes for students to brush up on their knowledge during the school holidays. Learning does not stop during the school holidays. We believe that the school holidays are the best time to accelerate the students’ learning progress through rigorous classes to improve their exam skills. Students participate in application-based learning, where they will attempt numerous practice questions and develop writing proficiency. They will also pick up critical thinking skills to handle case studies and tricky essay questions that require the integration of knowledge from various topics in Microeconomics and Macroeconomics.

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Economics essay writing skills

Economics Focus focuses a large part of our curriculum on economics essay writing skills. Student can prepare for the challenges of the A Level Economics examination by focusing on the cultivation of effective economics essay writing skills. Under the guidance of the tutors, students learn how to organize their ideas and undertake perspective setting. They will pick up the key examination skills of paragraph development, diagrammatical illustration and evaluation. The cumulation of these factors will allow students to navigate the A Level Economics Examination with ease.

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JC Economics Case Study Techniques

The tutors at Economics Focus provide valued guidance to students when they attempt their case studies. Students will build up their understanding of different case study questions, where every question type requires the employment of specific skill sets. A big issue that most students have when attempting case study questions is the interpretation of the data provided. Students will refine their interpretation and writing skills through class practice sessions. Tutors will then assess the competency level of students and provide feedback on ways to improve their essay writing skills.

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JC Economics Essays

Students can access our learning portal which has numerous JC economics essays written by our experienced tutors. They have spent years building the question bank and providing model essays for students. These model essays cover the whole range of JC economics issues ranging from Microeconomics to Macroeconomics. By examining the way tutors express their points in the JC economics essays, students can emulate the positive writing style and answering techniques for use in their own essays. A key component of this learning method is for students to write economics essays regularly, and the tutors will help students to identify existing and potential mistakes and provide solutions to overcome them.

JC Economics Notes

Economics Focus provides comprehensive and exclusive JC economics notes for all our students. Students can access the notes through our learning portal. The content of the notes consists of economics definitions, factors, and evaluation points that are useful for students preparing for their A Level Economics Examination. Furthermore, the content is thematic and organized in chapters as they would be in the A Level syllabus, such as demand and supply and market failure. Therefore, students can take advantage of this easy-to-use portal during their revision phase.

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