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GP Tuition – Intensive Revision

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Our GP tuition is specially designed and developed for JC students to cover thematic content enrichment and application, essay writing and comprehension skills development. Also, we facilitate the development of critical thinking skills to ensure that students are ready to attain grade A. This programme features free class practices that are reviewed and discussed by JC GP Tutor Simon Ng. Utilise our eLearning system to organise your study of GCE A Level General Paper.

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J1 and J2  Intensive Revision GP Tuition

Join this Intensive Revision GP Tuition and prepare yourself well for your final year examination as we explore how to think, write and answer well and expand our knowledge through our first-ever GP eLearning programme and uniquely designed materials like Flipside and GP Issues.

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JC2 H1/H2 Intensive Revision Economics Tuition

Sign up this programme and be well prepared with our in-depth teaching in the development of your knowledge, nurturing of essay writing skills and case study answering techniques through our in-house designed materials and eLearning programme.

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JC1 H1/H2 Intensive Preparation

Sign up this programme and be well prepared with our in-depth teaching in the development of your knowledge, nurturing of essay writing skills and case study answering techniques through our in-house designed materials and eLearning programme.

What constitutes a good GP Tuition?

The pursuit of academic excellence at the A Level General Paper examination requires consistent practice and in-depth analysis of GP issues. Throughout the educational journey, students may encounter learning obstacles, like the inability to set multiple perspectives and carry out point elaboration. Therefore, students can enrol in our GP tuition programme to overcome these challenges.

Ideally, an effective GP tuition programme consists of regular issue-based discussion and class practice. The study of issues is important as students will develop a better understanding of the key matters, such as environmentalism and culture. By doing so, students can generate ideas independently and answer the GP essay questions during exam. As for class practices, the rationale stems from the practical perspective, whereby students are required to answer a series of questions for GP essays and comprehension. Hence, it is essential for students to undergo intensive question attempts to familiarise themselves on the format of assessment and types of questions.

Students must gather their study materials and know how to use them effectively

The GP tuition programme provides students with study materials that will aid them in their revision process. The GP tutors have prepared a wide range of educational materials, such as GP issue-based notes, essays, comprehension skills development notes, practice questions and online videos. These notes are structured with the intention to ease the exam preparation process as students can use the points identified in the materials and apply them to GP essay and comprehension questions. Also, the online educational videos are accessible to students on their smartphones, thus creating more windows of opportunity for content enrichment.

Nurturing the right GP essay and comprehension writing skills

During the GP tuition programme, students can participate in our GP exam skills development class activities to focus on the refinement of writing techniques. This area of focus is important as tutors have identified one critical obstacle is the inadequacy of skills application. Hence, students will be guided by the tutors as they explore the different aspects of skills refinement.

Refine GP essay writing skills

For GP essay writing skills development, students will learn how to apply the skills of paragraph development, causation writing, point elaboration and supporting evidence. To score at the GP essay exam, students must be familiar with the different themes taught during the regular GP tuition programme and then integrate the knowledge to answer GP essay questions. Through consistent practice, students will develop the confidence and proficiency to explain their points proficiently.

Build up GP comprehension answering techniques

As for the development of GP comprehension answering techniques, students will be taught by tutors, who will discuss the passages. Students will learn how to read and annotate the key points found in the comprehension passages. Then, the development of comprehension skills is done through the application of skills, like extraction of factual information, inference, and comparative statements. To excel in the GP comprehension question, particularly the summary and application question (AQ), students must learn how to apply the skills of word substitution and perspective setting.

What’s New: GP Tuition on Culture

Exploring the social and cultural impacts on the environment

Find out more about the cultural impacts of the environment to recognise the importance of environmental sustainability. In this featured GP issue on the Environment, we will be exploring different perspectives to broaden your knowledge on latest topics that are discussed and debated on. Through this enlightening learning approach, we show you how to utilise your knowledge to answer GP Comprehension and Essay questions effectively, thus excelling at the A Level General Paper examination.

Develop opinionated thinking

It is essential for students to develop opinionated thinking, which implies that they can express their own views in response to a certain topic or issue. During the GP tuition classes, students will be given opportunities to express their personal views with regards to the discussed topic, like the significance of national identity. Through the active participation and interaction between the GP tutor and students, the generation of ideas and perspectives will facilitate the development of opinionated thinking for students. This skill will be important not only for the A Level GP examination, but also in their future career development, as students will learn how to convey ideas clearly and persuasively.

Reasons why you should Join GP Tuition Bishan?

At GP Tuition Bishan, we prepare you comprehensively for the A level GP paper. Our GP tutors are highly qualified and exam oriented. Our GP tuition prepares you for an A. Find out how below.

Exam Oriented Lessons

Our lessons are structured in ways to prepare you fully for the A level GP examinations. Students will receive close guidance and monitoring throughout their GP tuition programme and these classes are tailored to suit the different learning styles of each individual student so that they will be able to learn at a progressive and comfortable pace. We also have intensive revision classes during the holidays to better prepare students for the examinations.

Comprehensive E-Learning Programme

We partner with MobileLearners to give students an engaging and enriching learning journey with us. Our E-learning materials capitalises on the tech savviness of our younger generation so as to supplement and complement traditional learning methods.

Holistic Learning Journey

Embark on a holistic learning journey with us. On top of paying close attention to academic excellence, we focus on the general well-being of students. Our tuition programme does not only encompass tuition classes, it includes outings, field trips and many more. Come experience our tuition programme today.

How our JC GP tutors guide students to score Grade A for GCE A level examination for General Paper?

It is not an easy task to get Grade A for GCE A level examination but it is not an impossible task. Many JC students have achieved this with JC GP tutor Simon Ng through his tuition, based on the methodology of SENSIBLE MIND. In his lessons, Simon Ng develops a structural and organised system of learning to enrich the knowledge of the students, cultivate their thinking acumen and nurture their writing skills.

To make students more aware and informed about local and world issues that would be useful to their study of General Paper, learning portals like and other blogs writing columns are set up to help students to access to more information. These articles and notes on GP issues are systematically organized to make it easy for students to access the information and apply them in their studies.

During lessons, JC GP tutor SImon Ng will induce thinking and guide students in their essay writing and comprehension answering process. The focus of the lessons is to cultivate the capacity to derive expression of ideas and causation and develop reflective thinking in response to the requirements of the question, be it essay or SAQs, AQs and summary questions. Simon will also focus on the development of the capacity to make explanatory notes, evaluation and analysis and opinion development which are the critical areas a prolific writer needs to nurture.

As said before, our classes are exam-oriented and this will make class practice and time trials compulsory activities students must go through. Practices will be made with marking reviews of the work and students will be made known the errors they will make and taught on how to correct them. Practices make perfect but it can only be achieved if the mistakes are noted and corrected for improvement.

JC GP students will also be nurtured to be keen and passionate learners who are observant and opinionated about the issues in life. At GPtuitionbishan, we believe in the moulding of our students into intellectuals with the Sensible Mind to reflect and speak and write logically and sensibly to enhance their lives in every aspect in the future.

Know more about JC GP Tutor Simon Ng

GP Tuition Bishan is headed by our renowned GP tutor, Mr Simon Ng who has with him 20 years of teaching experience. Mr Simon Ng specializes in GP tuition and strives to cultivate in students a sensible mind that allows our students to develop analytical thinking skills, articulate logical causation and develop assertions so as to be able to tackle the A level GP examinations. He also has a proven track record and has produced numerous students who have achieved outstanding results for their A level examinations over the years. Hear what they have to say.