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Our GP tuition programme has integrated online learning features which allows for easy access of information from learning apps and engaging classes. With a knowledgeable tutor and information at your fingertips, never worry about getting that A grade.
View the featured GP videos below to find out how we incorporate online learning into our classes, such that you will be more knowledgeable and capable in answering A Level General Paper questions.

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Types of GP Tuition Programmes

Match your study preferences.

Students of GP Tuition Bishan can choose any of the following three tuition programmes to be prepared for the GCE A Level General Paper examination. These programmes feature distinctive class activities, either online or physical, to refine your thinking and writing skills.

GP Classroom Tuition @ Bishan

For students who are looking for an engaging learning experience, we recommend GP Tuition Classroom. Take part in constructive discussions with the GP Tutor as we explore different issues that are applied to writing.

  • $220 for JC1
  • $280 for JC2

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GP Online Tuition

For students who prefer to study online, we offer a comprehensive eLearning programme. Watch the live-streamed classes that are conducted by our very own JC GP Tutor to analyse issues and practice questions.

  • $220 for JC1
  • $250 for JC2

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The GP Study Plan

For students who want a more structured study programme, try out the GP Study Plan. Get useful learning resources, such as thematic summary notes, essay outlines and comprehension references for independent review.

  • $150 per theme
  • $360 for 3 themes


Class Schedule

Available time-slots and dates

With tailored classes to meet your needs, select from different GP class timings. Our GP Tuition programme offers several distinctive classes, such as the weekly regular tuition, school holiday skills development workshops and examination preparation revision classes. View the schedule to find out more about the latest or upcoming programmes available for registration.

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Why join our GP Tuition?

Benefits of the GP Tuition classes

By attending our GP tuition, students will be exposed to various issues around the world that would help them in answering exam questions. Students will also learn the skills needed to answer their comprehension and essay questions.

Experienced and engaging GP tutor

Be inspired to study A Level General Paper with GP Tutor Simon Ng, who will show you how to analyze GP issues carefully and answer examination questions effectively.

Access concise
study notes

Receive our in-house developed study notes that cover a broad range of topics. These notes will be useful in your revision as you can grasp the key ideas and concepts quickly and apply them to your answers.

Participate in regular class practices

Refine your reading and writing skills via our class practices. In preparation for the GCE A Level General Paper examinations, we conduct free writing workshops and intensive revision programmes.

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Hear from our students

Be inspired to learn with us

Find out how our GP tuition programme has helped our students ace their examinations. In addition to our learning apps, we also conduct classes at the centres located in Singapore to prepare students for the GCE A Level General Paper examinations. Read the following testimonials to find out why our GP tuition classes are effective in meeting the demands of the assessments.

What we teach at GP Tuition Bishan

This term, we will be covering the fundamental skills for Essay Writing and Comprehension that are often being ignored by students. These lessons will be conducted by top GP Tutor Simon Ng, who will help identify these skills to ensure students have a strong foundation for GP. These enriching and exam-driven lessons are proven to be effective as our past students provided feedback that they performed better during the 2016 A Level GP examination.

GP Comprehension Skills

Develop an analytical mind to better understand the comprehension passages. Learn how to read and extract the accurate information to answer short questions, summary and AQ.

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GP Essay Writing Skills

Students will be taught systematic essay writing structures and techniques in a way where the essay flows well so as to help develop convincing and logical GP essay arguments.

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GP Notes

Expand your content knowledge with our exam-oriented GP notes ranging from Science & Technology, Culture, Education and Environment. The extensive source of content provided will help students to have no problem elaborating their essay.

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GP Essays

Be exposed to model essays to help understand how to express persuasive arguments effectively that are featured in our GP tuition classes. You can also access them in our learning portals, including GP Tuition Singapore, to view the essays conveniently.

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